Misty Ricardo's Spice Blends

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Announcing the beginning of a new range of artisan spice blends from Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen. I’m excited to be working with the renowned producer ‘Ome Made, who has many years of experience in the world of spice – What they don’t know about spice isn’t worth knowing. All blends are mixed from scratch from fresh spices to ensure the best possible quality – No generic or pre-made spice mixes are used in making them.
Misty’s Mild Madras Curry Powder – An unique general-purpose spice blend devised by Richard for use in all things curry related.
Misty’s Mix Powder – The classic recipe mix powder used as a foundation for cooking Indian Restaurant Style (BIR) recipes. All fresh!
Both spice blends come in two sizes – 100g and the more economical 250g pouches. The perfect time-saving accompaniment when cooking Richard Sayce’s recipes.
Please visit ‘Ome Made and order your MRCK spice blends, and check out ‘Ome Made’s own diverse range of masalas. Various delivery options available.
More to Come!

Misty Ricardo's Spice Blends
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