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Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 1
Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 2 Front Cover
Curry Compendium Cookbook

The Books

I wouldn’t have believed it if you’d told me 6 years ago that I’d end up writing three cookbooks about British Indian restaurant (BIR) style food! What started off as a single YouTube video experiment eventually ballooned into a large portfolio of over a hundred tutorial videos of my recipes, with almost 5 million views, covering virtually everything you would see on an Indian restaurant or takeaway menu.

Originally intended only as relatively easy-to-produce Kindle eBook versions (which went on to sell many thousands), I decided to take the bold step to self-publish INDIAN RESTAURANT CURRY AT HOME VOLUME 1 in 2018, followed by its standalone counterpart VOLUME 2 in 2019, and later complemented by the all encompassing hardback, CURRY COMPENDIUM in 2021. To date (Nov 2021) many tens of thousands  have sold and they are constantly near the top of the Amazon rankings in the ‘Indian Food & Drink’ category. All three books have 5-star overall review ratings from many thrilled customers.

To my surprise and delight, each of my books won renowned Gourmand Worldwide Food Awards for Best Self-Published UK cookbook (Volume 1 – 2019, Volume 2 – 2020), and Best UK Published Asian Cookbook (Curry Compendium – 2022).

Books by Richard Sayce aka Misty Ricardo

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Misty Ricardo's Spice Blends

Being an independent publisher has its challenges: marketing the books is difficult when you don’t have the clout of a major commercial publisher, who can summon up radio interviews, full page national newspaper spreads, and even TV appearances. Also, I’ve had to learn many new skills and wear many hats, as well as being the chief cook and bottle washer.

A lot of credit is down to the generosity of people telling the world about my books by word of mouth. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have told me they hadn’t heard of them but bought them simply on recommendation from a friend or family member.

So, if you are one of the many thousands of happy owner of either of INDIAN RESTAURANT CURRY AT HOME VOLUMES 1 and 2, thank you for supporting me, and please do spread the word wherever you can. Free poppadoms all round!

You will find a selection of popular recipes taken from both my books on the Recipes page.

To potential customers, I urge you to look through some of the reviews posted on Amazon. Please see below for a small selection of my books’ reviews. And to help you learn more about what’s in them, please watch the two videos which give you a tour of the contents.

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Richard Sayce

Winner of the Gourmand Worldwide Food Award for Best Self-Published UK Cookbook (Volume 1 – 2019, Volume 2 – 2020)

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Curry Compendium Arrival & Inspection

A Look Inside Volume 1

A Look Inside Volume 2


Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 1
Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 2 Front Cover
Curry Compendium Cookbook

Reviews & Testimonials

Curry Compendium

Another top book from the master of BIR cooking

This is my 3rd Misty cook book which sits proudly with all my other top chef’s books I’ve acquired over the years and love to cook from.

If you like the curries from a UK Curry house and think you can never reproduce these dishes at home, its time to make the purchase of one of these books. I’ve not purchased a jar of curry since the first Misty book I purchased.

Misty’s recipes are step by step and so easy to follow. The variety of my spice rack is now amazing, and the curry’s you can produce are incredible. I buy these for my wife as presents…….. and then borrow them regularly. 🙂

Simon - Amazon

I cannot recommend this book enough. If you love British Indian food and whether you’re a beginner or advanced in the kitchen, I think that you would learn a lot from this book. I’m grateful to this book for lighting a fire under me and inspiring me to try new things in the kitchen.

Can’t wait to get stuck into plenty more of the fabulous recipes within the book.

Sarah in Readerland - Book Blogger

WoW…………..This new Book “Curry Compendium” by Richard Sayce was a breath of fresh air…….. Everyone I know Loves a good take away curry whether it’s a meat, fish or vegetable curry. So, this book was a great find for me especially as I love to learn how to cook a good curry from scratch – Plus, to know what ingredient that has been added and how it was prepared and cooked.

This book is brilliant and I highly recommend this new curry book. 5 Big stars from me and a happy Hubby!!!

Vanessa - goodreads

The pictures in this recipe book are mouth-watering, I found myself flipping through and wanting to make everything there and then so that I could eat it.

The Curry Compendium is an essential staple of your kitchen. And I can’t wait to cook more from it and become a bit of an Indian culinary whiz.

Tracy Ellis - Book Blogger (honestmamreader)

Since having the book I have tried as many of the recipes as possible, one a week. I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking from the book, the food has been great, simple and easy to follow with the basics all being explained for any novice cook. Some great spice mixes and tutorials at the back.

Fabulous cookbook with true authentic mouth-watering recipes. Love it!

Karen Gray - Book Blogger (@un_lucky_clover)

IRCAH Volume 1

Very very informative with great tips and hints. Detailed instructions for each recipe. Misty’s YouTube channel has these recipes. Good to watch how it’s done. Printed on quality gloss paper with excellent photos. An absolute must for anybody wanting to learn B.I.R (British Indian Restaurant) cooking.

John M Marshall - Amazon

Great recipes which so far have all Been excellent. I am a seasoned Indian cook, so am fussy about the results. What is particularly good is that it is a very large sized book and the font is large and the pictures to support are also great. I’m not having sight troubles, but when you are cooking it’s good to be able to see the recipe and directions at a glance instead of continually having to peer at the text to read it. Highly recommended!

Kevin Smith - Amazon

Best curry book ever.

I have enjoyed many curries, takeaway or in restaurants. I have tried many times to cook them myself , but never came close to the real thing. Until now.

This curry book is absolutely brilliant. Have made almost all the curries in this book. All Have been great. Just like the takeaways we have had, or dare I say better. Have tried them on friends , they were amazed. So if you want to make great curries, buy this.

John Mansfield - goodreads

Eating out at Indian Restaurants is hit and miss and takeaways often disappoint. After trying many recipes I found Misty Ricardo and now we won’t eat out because it’s not as good as we make. Chicken Bhuna last night with fresh ingredients and pillar rice was as good as anything anywhere. He has a simple methodology where things happen right for you and a link to YouTube for a demo before you start. So glad I bought it.

2007 User - Amazon

IRCAH Volume 2

Fantastic recipes and very authentic, as with all great tasting food, it does take effort and time. Very well worth it if you want restaurant quality BIR

Michael Dowrick - Amazon

Amazing chef

Deserve 5 stars all day long the recipes are simply the best no comparison highly recommend the book by richard sayce worth every penny.

Tracy Anderson - goodreads

Both books are fantastic, I live in Ireland and haven’t found a good Indian restaurant. So been able to make a curry like you would get back in Birmingham is a dream come true.

Janet Halligan - Amazon

Once you get over the nervousness of using slightly unusual ingredients, the recipes are easy to follow and the results are amazing.
Do try to buy in the right ingredients and if you have time and freezer space, make the base sauce.
You won’t be disappointed.

Richard Hayes - Amazon

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