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Richard Sayce

Richard Sayce, the man behind Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen and the Indian Cookbooks Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volumes 1 & 2, and Curry Compendium, has many years experience in the world of Indian food. A love of curry from an early age motivated him to master the art of BIR (British Indian Restaurant) cooking and to share his passion with others.

“I’ve been interested in cooking since an early age, and have always loved Indian food. My passion led me to learn all about how curry is cooked in restaurants and takeaways here in the UK, which was my first experience of Indian food.

Having tried unsucessfully to reproduce BIR (British Indian Restaurant style) curry many years ago, albeit with limited resources, I resigned myself to thinking the amazing flavour was out of reach for home cooks. How the (mainly Bangladeshi) chefs created their divine-tasting food was seemingly a closely-guarded secret and inaccessible to everyone else.

In more recent years with a rekindled passion and determination, I endeavoured to finally master the art of creating excellent BIR style curry, and with time and a lot of experimentation, finally gained enough skill and knowledge to be happy with sharing my experiences.”

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Richard lives in the North West of England and dedicates his ‘foodie’ time to cooking, recipes, social media, catering, and of course eating. A firm love of Indian food in both home and restaurant styles gives plenty of motivation to experiment and try out new recipes and ideas.

Curry Compendium and Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volumes 1 & 2 have each won renowned Gourmand World Cookbook awards – respectively for best UK published Asian cookbook 2021, and best UK Self-Published Cookbook, 2019 and 2020 respectively, and have sold many thousands of copies in the UK and abroad. His long-standing YouTube channel has many thousands subscribers and over 8 Million Views.

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