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There’s a new addition to the Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen website – a new page with suggestions for ingredients and kitchen equipment.

There are a many budding curry cooks out there who rely on shopping online for things that are ‘hard to get’. I hope if you are one of them the information on the page saves you time and expense.

Please visit the SUPPLIES page via the website menu to see handy recommendations. The page will be updated with new information on frequent basis.

I’d be interested in any additional and relavant items that you would recommend. Please comment below with your suggestions and provide a link where possible.

Books by Richard Sayce

Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 1
Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 2 Front Cover
Curry Compendium Cookbook


  1. Paul Hoare

    Hello Richard
    I have your books and the results of your recipes are spot on I have been trying to make a decent curry for years and with your help I have now achieved it. I would like to use freshly ground spices and blend my own garlic and ginger would you recommend a grinder I could buy. I caught a glimpse of yours but could not see the make.
    Thank you

    • Richard Sayce

      Hi there Paul.

      I’ve used an Andrew James Grinder for years and have been happy with it. The Supplies Page here on my website has a less expensive brand that has great reviews.

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