‘Posh’ Indian chicken nuggets (aka tikka) is very popular amongst all generations, including the young. 

One of my followers recently posted this to my Facebook Page and I just had to share it with you here on the website.

Here’s what Michelle Harris said in her post – I think it says it all…

I think my 6 year old loves her dinner tonight….MRCK Chicken tikka, rice and her favourite… naan bread pockets to stuff it all into… Sorry for pic half eaten, she was at it as soon as I placed it on the table😍

Edit…. Bless her…. She caught me taking photos of her dinner and told me to take one with a heart in front of it to show how much she loves it ❤️

Chicken Tikka and Pilau Rice

A big thank you to you and yours, Michelle!

Here’s the Misty Ricardo Chicken Tikka recipe, which is also in my first book, Indian Restaurant Curry at Home Volume 1.

Chicken Tikka and Pilau Rice

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