Spicy Joes - Misty Ricardo's Bassar Mix Powder

The nights are getting darker and the days colder. An uncertain Christmas is looming but an abundance of curry and spice is one thing you can be assured about.

On that note, I’m pleased to present, in collaboration with Spicy Joes, a magnificent range of gift bundles with which to treat your family and friends this season. All at excellent prices!

Check out the ‘Christmas Crackers‘ page on Spicy Joes website. There you will find plenty of goodies to pick and choose from.

Plus, if you want the ultimate gift set, you can get the ‘Misty Ricardo’s Christmas Cracker‘ bundle deal. For only £39.99 the package includes: 

Here are some more of the exciting offers at Spicy Joes (prices correct at the time of writing, and note that you get free UK delivery on orders £15 and over)…

Spicy Joes offer FREE UK delivery on orders £15 and over.

No robins were injured during this marketing campaign!



  1. Keith Roberts

    Delivery to Florida? If so how much please?

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