Supplies & Equipment


Supplies & Equipment

Many people who have bought my cookbooks have asked me about recommendations for ingredient and equipment supplies.

So, here you will find some specially selected items available in the UK. I’ve not included any prices here because they can be subject to change. More will be added in due course. 

Spicy Joes Logo

Not only can you buy my books from Spicy Joes (cheaper than Amazon), but also the new Misty Ricardo’s Essentials Spice Kit which has all the key spices you need to accompany my recipes. Check the prices out – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Spicy Joes are a small family-run business who focus on providing fresh and high quality spices at a great price. UK Shipping is free on orders over £15, and there are special discounted bundle deals where you can buy either or both my books, with or without the spice kit. Check out the Spicy Joes website for more deals.

Amazon Logo

There are some good deals here, particularly if you are elligible for Amazon Prime.

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Here is a small selection of useful and good-value products from eBay UK.

Concept Cuisine Logo

I’ve brought a bunch of items from Concept Cuisine and have been happy with their prices and service. They primarily supply a wide variety of cookware and serveware to the restaurant trade, but will also honour personal orders. Below are some suggested products that Concept Cuisine offer on their website. Please check their site for a much wider selection, and the latest ex-VAT prices. Note that UK delivery is £10+VAT but free for orders over £75.

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